Moon over the Mediterranean

Review: "The story was incredibly well narrated as well!! It centers around Robin and her Aunt Maggie and it's told from Robin's POV. There is mirth and humor and snark and jealousy and fun and funny and, of course, danger and the narrator delivered on them all."

Miss Anne in Harlem

The White Women of the Black Renaissance 

White Working Class

Overcoming Class Cluelessness in America

The Truth About Statins

Risks and Alternatives to Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs

God's Spies

The Stasi's Cold War Espionage Campaign Inside the Church


Creating Meaningful, Lasting Adult Friendships


The Five-Step Method for Life Transitions Big and Small

Money Is Everything

Personal Finance for the Brave New Economy

F*ck Happiness

How Women Are Ditching the Cult of Positivity and Choosing Radical Joy

A Gentleman's Curse

Avenging Lords, Book 4

The Deceptive Lady Darby

Lost Ladies of London, Book 2

Review: "The narration was great, the narrator performed separate voices for each character and read dramatically. She made it a really easy listen."

A Wicked Wager

Avenging Lords, Book 2

Review: "I thought the narrator read the story very well, she altered her voice for the different characters and really brought the story to life."

The Daring Miss Darcy

Lost Ladies of London, Book 4

As U.S production manager at BeeAudio for six years, I assembled several thousand freelance production teams – narrators, proofers, audio editors. Liisa was always on my very short list of professionals that I could count on to collaborate efficiently, skillfully, and cheerfully. I relied confidently on Liisa for dynamic performances with vivid character voices, delivered on deadline in polished audio files. She is a consummate narrator who brings a story to life then works seamlessly with colleagues to deliver the book to her audience. 


~ Gary Kliewer, Production Manager, BeeAudio Ltd.


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