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Liisa Ivary

Director | Narrator |Trainer

Your adventure in storytelling starts here

"I believe the Director is a storyteller. My job is to ask: What two forces are in conflict? Who wins? To what effect? I bring the playwright’s words to life in a close, respectful and adventurous collaboration with the artists and creative teams. It’s critical to me to carve out a safe creative space to serve the brilliant teams I have the privilege to lead." ~ Liisa

"I love to collaborate with authors to lift the written word off the page and bring the characters and settings to vibrant life. I particularly enjoy exploring stories voicing multiple characters and breathing life into their many varied experiences. Successful storytelling for me means that my listeners are so immersed in the stories that they take the imaginative journeys right along with the characters." ~ Liisa

To educate means to lead out. As an educator, I strive to hold a safe and positive space for students to feel free to engage, discuss and explore, to take risks and, most importantly, to make personal discoveries using their own abilities for critical thinking. ~ Liisa


Liisa Ivary


Liisa loves to tell stories that take you on the characters’ journey. From theater to audiobooks to teaching, Liisa brings you along with humor, rigor, safety and ease.

Let the people speak!

Accolades for Liisa Ivary from her contemporaries in the field


Headshot_ Christine Williams.jpg

Christine Williams, SOU 

Liisa is a dynamic role model. I had the great pleasure to be Music Director for her production of  The Secret Garden at Southern Oregon University.

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Bob Evoniak, RAE Audio

Over the course of editing and mastering hundreds of audio books as an audio engineer, I’ve encountered only a handful of narrators who rise to the level of Liisa’s professional standards.

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